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I have points on my licence can I still rent a van?

Drivers aged 21-22: must be free from endorsement.

Drivers aged 23-24: are acceptable only if they do not disclose more than one MINOR conviction within the last 5 years.

Drivers aged 25-69: are acceptable only if they have MINOR convictions within the last 5 years which total 6 points or less.

Drivers with the following convictions on their licences are unable to rent from Dash Drive: UT50, CD40, CD50, CD60, CD70, CD71, DD40, DD60, DD80, DR10, DR20, DR30, DR31, DR40, DR50, DR60, DR61, DR70, DR80,  DR90 or IN10.

Sunday Returns

As you have selected a Sunday return there are a few things we would like to make you aware of: